33 Ways to Get Better at Not Getting Better and So Possibly Really Get Better

In Feed Your Vow by Brooke

The force of love is eating you alive, whether you align with it or not.
Also, you’re going to live forever.
Forever here is defined as up until the end of you.
Always erase the second to last sentence you just heard.
Become earnestly curious about the character and life-span
of dust bunnies.
Always erase the second to last sentence you just heard.
Let your shadow lead you out walking near mountains and rivers,
and fade in and out of shade.
Finishing and beginning, beginning and finishing, making and erasing, erasing and making.
Every new gesture contains a core of no-trace.
Let this no-trace lead the cooking of eggs and asking of hands.
Invite Dogen Zenji for breakfast and ask his hand in marriage.
What is reality? An icicle forming in fire.
Tomorrow will be.
Tomorrow will be yesterday.
Tomorrow will be yesterday erased two sentences later, leaving no-trace.
Sit till you feel forever moving.
Move till you feel forever settle into yesterday.
Praise the way your mind is melting into more.
Note the ways in which you make yourself like a cave.
Praise the cave with a trap door into a perspective that’s empty of eyes.
Follow cake-crumbs in the dark one gulp at a time till you fall through
a trap door into a birthday party just for you.
It’s all for you.
It’s all for you, my love.
But don’t forget: you’re going to live forever.
And let me just say this plainly: you don’t know.
Hear it like a heavy hole in your heart that will lead you home.
You don’t know!
Hear it like the only real inheritance you’ve got, the only one that well befriends the finishing of you.
Let going go.
It’s too late to be ready.
Erase yourself and remember the unknown as the love that’s taking you.
Remember the love, my love.
Remember the love.